athena camps

A place where girls build confidence, spread joy, and lift each other up.


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All Girls. All Day.

Discover a camp where creativity thrives, where girls are encouraged to color outside the lines, where they cooperate rather than compete, and where they lift each other up. Welcome to Athena Camps.

Why you don’t want to miss out on camp:

At Athena Camps, we create unique experiences that support girls in building friendships, learning sports, expressing creativity, and having girl-powered fun.

  • Sports

    Our sports are about skill building, personal growth, and teamwork. Each girl gains positive body image, improves self-esteem, and learns life lessons through sports.

  • Creative

    We inspire imagination, freedom, and self-expression. Every day is a unique opportunity to let go and discover the artist within.  We are about building creative confidence.

  • Exceptional Staff

    Our coaches are strong, inspirational women who are positive role models passionate about bringing out the best in girls and each other.