My Summer Internship at Athena Camps

Featured Post: By Zara Shariff, Sophomore, Presentation High School |

Why do we need all girls’ camps?

By: Hayden Manseau, 2017 Athena Camp Coach, Duke University Sophomore

Be A Part Of Something Bigger

By: Brooke Menesini, 2017 Athena Coach


By: Mary Anne Radmacher

Activist Activated

By: Aby Ryan, CEO and Founder, Athena Camps

We are living in a new world since President Trump has taken office.

2017 Camp Fairs!

By: Aby Ryan, Athena Camps Founder & CEO

Modicums of Inspiration

By: Ana-Catrina

Whenever somebody asks me what we’re doing this summer my first answer is Athena Camp.

Cailin’s Fashion Blog

By: Cailin Hoffmann

Our new Athena Camps Art Intern, Cailin Hoffman, a sophomore, just created her very own fashion blog.

Yay, fun camp!

By: Athena Camps

Coach Cate was one of our favorite coaches last summer! She is picture above with the Mini Campers. One of the best things about Coach Cate

Girl Powered

By: Aby Ryan

As we launch this new, spectacular website and all that is entails, I would like to express my gratitude to the team that has made it all possible. Athena Camps has the most awesome people powering it.