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Fostering Confidence

By Aby Ryan, Founder & CEO

Having recently sent my daughter off to college on the opposite coast, I can confidently affirm that Athena Camps plays a significant role in fostering confidence.

In the second semester of her freshman year, my daughter, an Athena Camps “lifer”, has been offering insights on ways to enhance the camp’s operations. While taking a few business classes she confidently expressed, “Mom, you’re always stressed when camp starts, I think we could do a better job preparing to make it more organized for the coaches.” I completely agree.

During a conversation with a dear friend and successful woman entrepreneur, Stephanie Hogue owner of Latitudes Art Gallery,  about the poised and confident nature of young women today, we acknowledged that some may not have “earned” such confidence. Nonetheless, we celebrate their empowerment, as well as our own. In this fast-paced era, there is much to grasp to stay informed and relevant, and these young women are adeptly guiding us. Could it be that our generation of hardworking, entrepreneurial women has set an example for them to embody confidence? We can hope.

As for the next generation of campers joining us this summer, my daughter will be there to welcome you into our community, a more organized one, full of evidence that we grow confidence at Athena Camps.

Written by Aby Ryan, Founder & CEO of Athena Camps