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Be A Part Of Something Bigger

By Brooke Menesini, 2017 Athena Coach

Being a part of a team is the greatest gift of all time. Through my years of playing softball at Menlo College and high school, I have learned many great lessons. In those lessons, I have learned how to build upon myself, make friendships, put others before myself, wanting to win and that failing is okay. Having the opportunity to learn that it is okay to fail has not only allowed myself to grow but allowed myself to learn. A team can only be successful when everyone is willing to learn. Without learning there is no room to grow or fail which are the two most important factors of being a part of a team. There will be times when it feels as if the whole universe is against you and there will be times when you are unstoppable. But reaching those times only comes with learning experiences. The best part about facing those is that you won’t be standing alone. You’ll be with those teammates going through those experiences. The friendships and bonds created on a team are what make you successful as well. Learning to have their backs and willing to help them out makes being a part of a team the greatest gift. Cherish the values, experiences and friendships while being a part of a team because those memories will last a lifetime.