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The Babysitters Association

By Maya, Athena Camper

When I first started going to Athena Camps, I was five years old. That was about nine years ago! I had no idea that I would have so many wonderful experiences at camp. I like Athena Camps because not only did it help me to stay active during the summer, but it also taught me valuable life lessons like teamwork and how to stop putting yourself and others down. When I turned 12, I decided to try the Babysitter course at camp with some of my friends. I had a lot of fun while still learning a lot about kids and how to take care of them. Now my friends and I have used this knowledge  to create a business called The Babysitters Association (BSA). We just started, but I think we’re going to make a lot of progress! All of this is because of Athena Camps and everything it showed me. I hope that other girls can have similar experiences and have as much fun as I did!