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COVID -19 Protocols & Safety Measures


Safety is our number one priority and we take our responsibility for the care of your children very seriously. We follow rigorous protocols and training to ensure our staff, our programs and our locations are safe.

update 6/15/21: We are so excited to have officially started Athena Camp’s 10th summer, and to have your girls here at Athena Camps with us this week! The reason you are receiving this email is to address any questions or concerns you may have about the updated Covid-19 mask wearing policies as released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health.

 In accordance with the updated CDC’s Guidance for Operating Youth Camps, and California Department of Public Health, “day camps where everyone is not fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks outdoors unless in areas of substantially high transmission”. 

 Beginning next week at Athena Camps, campers will be allowed to take off their masks during sports stations, outdoor play time, and during art stations. We will ask campers to keep their masks on their person, (on wrists or around necks), and we will ask them to put them on when using the restroom and in areas of cross traffic. 

 Campers will continue to stay in their pods to allow for social distancing, safety and contact tracing.

 We ask that parents and anyone coming onto campus continue to wear masks all times. Specifically, for check-in, check-out and Friday Family Finale. If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask, or have any questions, please let us know.

 Thank you for helping us keep our campers and staff safe!


Athena Camp Directors and Coaches


update 3/28/21:  Our plan is to have all of our staff vaccinated by June 1, 2021.

Covid-19 Protocols (update 2/11/2021)*

Here are the highlights of the safety measures we are implementing this summer as of February 2021 based on based on federal and local health department recommendations.  For details go to:  Mandatory Directive for Programs Serving Children or Youth

“Childcare, Summer Camps, and Children’s Activities” Santa Clara County Health Department guidelines:

Stable Groups

  • All Camps will be held outdoors in stable groups of no more than 12 campers called Pods. Pods will be assigned up to three Coaches for the entire week. Siblings in the same camp will be placed in the same stable group.  Each Pod will be assigned specific activity zones and equipment for the entire week.
  • Campers may sign up for one week of all nine weeks of Athena Camps. However, per County regulations, you may only attend one program every three weeks.
  • “Children/youth may participate in only one Program at a time, and may not move from one Program to another more than once every 3 weeks.  Childr​​en/youth cannot attend more than one childcare program, after-school program, or other child/youth activity within the same three-week period”.  For example, if you sign up for one week of Athena Camps, you may not go to another program for another two weeks. We recommend signing up for Athena Camps in three weeks blocks, as they are set up this way and there is a multi-week discount.
  • Physical Distancing         
  • Campers, parents, and staff will maintain at least six feet of distance from each other as much as possible. All camp activities and breaks are set up with this in mind.

Face Coverings

  • Mini Campers: “Children ages 2 through 2ndgrade (or 8 years old, for groups not organized by grade level) are encouraged to wear face coverings, even when interacting solely with children within their stable group.”
  • Junior and Middle School Campers: Children ages 7-12 should wear face coverings while under direct adult supervision, unless they are eating, sleeping, or exercising, in which case they should still keep their face covering with them to put back on later.
  • Directors Coaches, Interns and Junior Coaches must wear a face covering at all times while attending the camp, unless they are eating, sleeping, or actively exercising, in which case they should still keep their face covering with them to put back on when done.
  • Face coverings are not required for anyone if it is medically inadvisable for a person to wear one.

Shared Equipment

  • All shared equipment will be sanitized between uses by different Pods.

“Children’s programs may use shared equipment for sports and recreational activities within each stable group of children.”

Hygiene, Cleaning, and Other Measures

  • All Camp activities will take place outdoors with shade and water refill stations (by Coaches only) provided.

“Programs should conduct as many Program activities as possible in outdoor spaces.”

  • All art supplies will be for individual use only and will be placed in personal assigned cubbies for the entire week.  Any shared materials will be cleaned and disinfected after each Pod’s use and at the end of each day.
    “Programs shall minimize sharing of materials to the extent feasible, and any toys/materials used by multiple children should be cleaned between uses. Programs shall limit use of supplies and equipment to one group of children/youth at a time and clean and disinfect between uses pursuant to CDC guidance.
  • All surfaces and shared areas (Coaches storage area and bathrooms) will be cleaned and disinfected after each Pod’s use and at the end of each day.

“At least daily, and more frequently if feasible, clean and disinfect frequently touched hard surfaces (e.g., tables, desks, chairs, door handles, light switches, phones, copy/fax machines, bathroom surfaces (toilets, countertops, faucets), drinking fountains, and playground equipment) and shared objects (toys, games, art supplies, books) pursuant to CDC guidance.”

Special Events

Our Friday Family Finale will be cancelled for the 2021 season.

“Programs may not host special events with more than one stable group participating at a time or with any attendees who are not part of the group (e.g., family members or friends). Special events include, but are not limited to, performances, recitals, parades, and parties.

Issued: October 29, 2020

Revised and Effective: January 28, 2021

*Subject to change based on revised County Health Guidelines.

Camper Safety 

To make sure all campers are accounted for we take attendance regularly – during all transition times throughout the day including visual scans and head-counts. We employ extra camp staff to supervise entries and exits, and each activity zone during lunch, breaks and extended care. Upon arrival, each child is given a name tag, and is released only to authorized adults with valid identification.

Our Staff

We work to hire the best role models to lead our camps and make sure they are well-trained before camp begins. All of our employees are background-screened and pass through multiple interview screens. Many of our camp coaches are in college studying to be child educators and college athletes. All of our staff are given extensive training in safety standards before each camp season.

Additionally, we ensure our Directors and Assistant Directors are certified in emergency training, including CPR and care/administration of EPI-pens. For campers with specific requirements, we ask parents in our registration questionnaire to fill out any pertinent health and allergy information in advance.  Our Directors will connect with those campers parents first day of camp to ensure we provide the best experience for your daughters.

Camp Security

We work closely with each of our host schools to make sure our campuses are secure, and facilities are clean. In addition to reviewing all of our security procedures at each of our sites to confirm we have the proper protocols in place.