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Planning a Well-Rounded Summer

By Aby Ryan

With summer approaching, your family is probably ready for new and refreshing experiences after a full, but perhaps monotonous school year.  Planning a well-rounded summer is key.

Summer Camp can be the answer, but how do you avoid falling into the same old routine? Follow these tips to keep your kids’ summer camps fresh and exciting each week.

Satisfy Your Kids’ Developmental Needs

Avoid boredom by looking for camp programs intentionally designed by experts in child development. A camp shouldn’t offer uninspired babysitting, but should empower camp staff to guide your child through life-changing development and skill-building.

Children of different ages yearn for different experiences, so look for age-appropriate camps with age ranges that seem right for your youngsters. Camps that offer varied activities for skill-based learning and address the spectrum of learning styles will help your child expand their horizons each session.

Let Experiences Build on One Another

While kids sometimes find comfort in doing things over and over – especially when we are learning something new – repetition can be a grind over the summer.

It’s OK to enroll in several weeks of camp for week-in and week-out familiarity, but weekly variety will help your child learn new skills. Camps should offer a unique buffet of choices that develop creativity, connection to others, and new skills for your campers. Many camps offer twists that build on a previous week’s program with new experiences, and some offer different exciting topics each week with the same familiar staff.

Mix it Up Without the Repetition

Summer camps often have a focus, so rotate the activities with academics, sports, performances and art. Rotate indoor and outdoor camps, and mix up the sports beyond soccer by considering tennis, volleyball, lacrosse or even yoga. If you have daughters, there are also some great girls-only camps that build confidence without the boys getting in the way.

The key to planning a well-rounded summer is finding camp programs with plenty of options that expose your child to new and exciting activities to help them strengthen their individuality and self-concept – and make this the best summer ever.

Aby Ryan is the CEO & Founder of Athena Camps, where girls are girls – strong, creative, inspirational and celebrated for who they are. The day camps for grades K to 8 create unique experiences through a combination of athletic, emotional and social activities in a nurturing community of their peers. Learn more at AthenaCamps.com.