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Boost Boards from Camp to College

By Olivia Weeks

With words of thanks, joy and kindness, notes cover Boost Boards at every Athena Camp.

Throughout the day, coaches and campers alike place personal boosts on the Boost Board – these are sticky notes with short positive messages from one girl to another. Our former camper Olivia took this team building exercise from camp to her college’s soccer team.

Olivia says, “As a team we talked about how we really want to focus on staying positive and being good teammates. As teammates we value each other not just by our soccer abilities but as a support system, friends, and a family away from home. To emphasize this and truly show appreciation for one another we decided to put this boost board in our locker room with a stack of post it’s and pens!”

“This was personally one of my favorite parts of camp. I still have all my boosts on my desk in my dorm. Spreading strength, spreading kindness, spreading Athena! My Athena camp self is my favorite self, and it has made me a much better friend, teammate, and leader.”