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Activist Activated

By Aby Ryan, CEO and Founder, Athena Camps

We are living in a new world since President Trump has taken office.  One of my favorite signs at the Women’s March was “Thank You Trump for Making Me An Activist.”
I have found a new fire inside my being that has prompted me to act.  Politically. One of my favorite spiritual leaders Marianne Williamson taught me that politics and spirituality go together.   She writes, “The search for authenticity, for our deep humanity, should not stop at the door to politics… From how we treat the environment to how we treat each other, our political choices are significant indicators of our moral values and spiritual convictions.”
It has taken me awhile to find my way here, but I have arrived.   Politics is new territory for me, but I have always admired people who know their convictions and stand up for them.
I am inspired by the women around me finding their voices.   I find my peace in the way we, as women, have come together.  A sisterhood.  A new transparency and vulnerability brought about by these troubles times.  I am grateful for the authenticity of brave women who are acting in honor of all of the women who have come before us.  Because of you, I have a renewed commitment to preserve the rights of our girls and foster leaders of tomorrow.
As Marianne tells us “Let us understand more deeply, dream more boldly, and act more powerfully. If miracles are possible anywhere, then miracles are possible everywhere.”