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The Moment of Truth: Surviving Summer Camp Drop-Off

Featured Post: By Aby Ryan | June 8, 2019

Can They Do It All? Planning a Well-Rounded Summer

By: Aby Ryan

Boost Boards from Camp to College

By: Olivia Weeks

One Coaches’ Perspective

By: Nicole Marlow, 2018 Athena Camps Coach

Coaching Girls: Do We Need Training?

By: Aby Ryan, Athena Camps Founder

Meet Marissa

By: Marissa Pule, Camp Director

The Babysitters Association

By: Maya, Athena Camper

7 years later

By: Aby Ryan, CEO & Founder of Athena Camps

My Summer Internship at Athena Camps

By: Zara Shariff, Sophomore, Presentation High School

Why do we need all girls’ camps?

By: Hayden Manseau, 2017 Athena Camp Coach, Duke University Sophomore