Girl Powered

By Aby Ryan

Girl Powered. As we launch this new, spectacular website and all that is entails, I would like to express my gratitude to the team that has made it all possible. Athena Camps has the most awesome people powering it. First of all, Katie and her amazing team at Hyperrelevance designed and built this beautiful website from scratch (Whitney, you rock!) Their passion, commitment and love brightens all of these pages. Second, Polly, Sara and Cailin have been actively bringing to life our new 2015 themes (Healthy Living, Multiply Goodness, and Strong Sisters) with inspiring and delightful art projects.   And Annette, thank you for joining the Athena Team and igniting us with your passion! You are quickly becoming one of my rocks. Lastly, my deepest gratitude to my girlfriends who inspire me to be the highest version of myself so that I can continue to build communities of empowered girls who inspire and uplift each other in order to have a lasting impact on our world. We are truly Girl Powered.