One Coaches’ Perspective

By Nicole Marlow, 2018 Athena Camps Coach

“I had an amazing summer at Athena Camps and learned so much about myself. Athena Camps has made me appreciate what I have more. I feel like before this summer I would never take time to appreciate myself or others and Athena Camps has taught me to tell those that I love why I appreciate them. Two months ago I would have never written this, and I think the fact that I am really shows me how this summer has actually changed the way I act and think. While I may have been frustrated and overwhelmed at times, I would always leave smiling because of the amazing kids I met and the staff that I grew to love. I feel like I have made new friends that I will always have something in common with. I never understood the Athena Camps family, but now I feel like I have met a group of women that I could rely on when I needed help or just have dinner and laugh.