My Summer Internship at Athena Camps

By Zara Shariff, Sophomore, Presentation High School

Zara Shariff was the featured student speaker at Presentation’s Community Service Assembly in September 2017. This is the transcript of her speech: My main role at the camp was to help create an environment where the girls could be positive and have fun. Initially, my job as an intern was to help out in the background. My days usually consisted of organizing supplies and running errands for the Directors. As I volunteered more throughout the summer, my tasks became less oriented towards helping the camp counselors, and was more focused on the girls. A huge part of my job was to encourage the girls to continue to have fun while playing their sports. I enjoyed watching them create strong bonds with each other and form new friendships that they didn’t have before. One of the the most memorable activities for me at Athena Camps was the boost board where everyone sticks post-it notes onto a board and each post-it says a positive quality about another girl. There was one girl in particular that I remember who really wanted to make sure everyone felt included and confident, including the camp counselors. Her name was Sophia, and she made sure to write multiple post-its for every single girl throughout the week. She was so genuine in her notes and created deep connections with all the other girls. With this simple act, Sophia taught me to remember that our words can really mean something when we put them to good use – even on a post-it. She taught me to be genuine and ensure that everyone around me is feeling their best. There are a number of organizations where we can not only use our voice but also venture into actions that can have a positive effect on the communities around us. Athena Camps is definitely one of them; they not only have given me the chance to watch young girls grow into incredible young women, but they also gave me the opportunity to grow and develop numerous skills that I can use in my day to day life and pass on to others. I encourage all of you to go out there and find an organization that has the same effect on you.